Blood Eternal

If ever a theme were done to death in the entertainment world, it’s vampires. The Blood Eternal slot from Betsoft Gaming ably takes on the vampire realm and sends players into a familiar spooky world of the un-dead. But there are some surprises in store in this online slot.

The look of the Blood Eternal slot is a kind of sophisticated gothic. The reels are - naturally - set in a shadowy room filled with candles, cobwebs, old paintings, and windows letting in the moonlight. Here the vampires are sinking their teeth into their victims, sleeping in coffins and frightening all those who come across their path. But this game has a slightly more modern twist on the familiar theme and it takes the usual vampire imagery and gives it a cool boost. It looks really stylish. It’s a six-reel slot with 30 paylines.

There are several Wild Symbols to look out for in this game. The Bat Symbol acts as a Multiplier Wild Symbol and there are also Double Bat Symbols that contribute to even bigger wins. There's also a standard Wild Symbol on the reels for big prizes. Other symbols include a haunted castle, a jewelled cross, a gargoyle, a potion bottle, a vial of blood, and Gothic letters. The highest-paying of these symbols is the castle, which can pay out up to 500 coins.

What do all vampires need? The blood of a human victim, of course. Without this they simply would not survive (if you can call being half-dead surviving.) In Blood Eternal you get Free Spins when a Vampire symbol – which acts as a Wild Symbol - lands next to its victim, a Human symbol (another Wild Symbol). These Free Spins can really send you into another realm of winning, and it’s fun to watch out for these combinations on the reels.

This is an excellent game for getting into a spooky mood. The detail on the reels combined with the fantastic features makes this fun to play, atmospheric, and interesting. Whether you’re playing at Halloween or any other time of the year, you don’t need to be scared – just excited at the prospect of winning those big prizes!


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Slot Ratings

Slot Machine Specs

Review Date25 October 2017
CategoryBonus Feature Slots
Highest Jackpot 750
2nd Jackpot500
Coin Values0.02 - 1
Coins Per Line5
Max Bet ($€)150
Bonus Feature
Free Spins, Double Bats
candles, vampire, bat, blood, moonlight, blood eternal, eternal, windows
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